Revenue Deficit, Can Invest?

investmentUnder no circumstances will any human being obliged to invest in order that we can maintain and even improve the lifestyle of today and tomorrow, and also so that we can achieve future financial goals. In other words, investment is required for those who do not want to be reduced purchasing power in the future.

The problem is:

1. Do we have a considerable portion of the money to invest?
2. What if in fact we do not have Invest portion ?, or even
3. We tend deficits (lack of) money?

For the first problem is a wise solution to improve efficiency spending, do it with a minimum target of 10 percent of expenditures. Efficiency in question is to reschedule the expenditure that is comfort. Efficiency is done as much as possible example of the use of the car every day changed to once every 2 days. The changes are transferred by means of mass public transport or use a motor even using a bicycle to work for example, why not ?. Remember investment objective is to postpone pleasure and comfort at this time (not negate) but get much bigger in the future.

For the second question the answer is the same as the first problem, but of course still be added to sacrifice more to cut the amount of spending in order to cut more significantly, the implementation should be done with extra tight, and of course with the sacrifice. Suppose the use of cars reduced to only be used on weekends, the rest use mass transportation. Power consumption is saved to the maximum, AC house (if any) is only used on a limited basis at certain hours, as well as the use of water pumps and so forth.

Thinks pattern required for us to change with ‘just’ assume that our income by 90 percent of the total funds received each month. Targeted spending is at a maximum of 90 percent to the remaining 10 percent is the value that we have to pay as an appreciation for the sake of the future of themselves and loved ones. Let us return on investment philosophy is to enjoy the maximum desire in the future.

The third problem that is the heaviest of the two previous cases, the answer is the same as in the case of the latter, but also must be added to see whether there is a productive asset that can be optimized (in terms of economical). In terms of seeing whether there is any asset that can optimal financially then we must think clearly that the action taken seriously can meet our needs for investment. Remember, our goal now is to invest.

Furthermore, after you perform an evaluation and it still has assets that can be ’empowered economically’ then do not waste too long to do so, take action (action). Suppose you have a house with a strategic location, close to the bus station, train station or adjacent to the business center so you can do business in the real sector by opening a boarding house that is integrated with vending stalls daily needs (a sort of mini markets for example). In this case you start to do business or businesses in the real sector, the ability to manage the business or management is the key factor.

But if you do not own a home then if you have to stay? The answer is no! You may still have a car or motorcycle, Optimal. Rent your mobile assets, income get him count the cost of care and all the risks are correctly and accurately. The point is that you try not to add to the deficit but reduce that deficit eroded until exhausted.

The next question is where the money I spend on capital? You know my condition deficit, how could? Change your mindset! You do not own a lot of people that conditions are much worse than you but still successful. Use the means of bank loans, for example if you want to build a boarding house and a mini market, guarantee your property, take business loan with a maximum count rate of mortgage interest. This step is leveraged or lever growth of your personal assets.

Once the business starts rolling you use the results of operations optimally, once again obliged to use optimally by dividing the portion of the proceeds to do business in the financial sector, for example if you buy mutual funds or installment buying gold. Up to this point you have started to build ‘investment portfolio’ the accumulation of your investment in real and financial sectors. This means that you have started to diversify its business. Thus, the risk factors fail your business becomes less and this means that the potential addition of your assets becomes increased.