Revise Your Business Components

managementIt was all the readers know and are familiar with the word “innovation” (innovation). Not only know but feel a strong vibration when read and hear these words.

Business people are very infatuated with words like “breakthrough” (breakthrough), “innovation” (innovation), even has a different picture; varies according to their experience.

One thing that when asked of a few tens, hundreds, and thousands of people, they would imply the same answer that the innovation (innovation) is the key to becoming a successful breakthrough. Whether it relates to product innovation, or relating to marketing; The same impression is that the breakthrough and innovation will be key to success for a company to exist, established and developing markets.

However, is it true that every innovation will bring the company to the pinnacle of success? It was not always! In the innovation of products and concepts, it might work. However, the next trip, because it is not supported or supported with the right management and the first counter-attack of the strongest competitors, not infrequently results fall in the middle of the road of innovation.

Whether true or not, nine out of 10 results innovation failure. For those who are pessimistic, will say why do successful innovation if the opportunity is so small. However, positive person and usually optimistic will say precisely because chance is so small it must innovate as much as possible.

Is not the attitude, decision, and action in business is not absolute as in mathematics; if input so surely output so? Not infrequently that originally looked like a failure, it unexpectedly became the factors of success or otherwise.

Similarly with innovation; not wrong if you are not willing to innovate due to various factors which impede, obstruct, and does not allow you to do so. That is why this time we will get to know and familiarize themselves with the word “Renovation” or “Renovate” (renovation-verb).

Not too difficult to describe. Imagine a house that has been there or stand before then with the passage of time become “out of date” and coupled damage here and there. Well, you have to do something. A simple analogy.

Sergio Zyman, Chairman of Zyman Group, a former senior marketing of The Coca-Cola Company, the author of best-selling book, “The End of Marketing as We Know It,” the latest book, “Renovate before you Innovate” (Penguin Group, 2004) tips on how and what you need to consider in doing renovations.

You should do a review (reviewing) and revision (revision-repair) against six components of your business:

1. The way you think (do you think)

You have to think as a challenger, not as a champion. The goal is that you can think harder to become a champion by collecting and selecting remodeling ideas.

2. Your destination (your final destination)

Set back goals and what you expect for your company in a few decades into the future.

3. Your competitive frame (frame or scope of your competition or competitiveness).

Any situation that makes you compete with your competitors. There are probably not necessary (redundant) or vice versa there are necessary but have not you done (lack, neglected)

4. Your segmentation – How you think about customers (Segmentation – what do you think about customers or users of your products or services)

Plan or program when the product was launched early may change due to customers and users of your product different than you think in the beginning.

5. Your brand positioning (placement of your brand in the minds of customers and users).

Similarly, the review of the segmentation, brand positioning then we also need to be reviewed and with the counter-attack from competitors, especially the market leader, you can only brand positioning becomes sharp, deviated from the goal.

6. Your customers brand experience (customer and user experience of the brand product or service)

This is the most important factor that many marketers ignore it because they intoxicated with success stories see the sales figures continue to climb. The experience of the customers or users of your product or service into the input or feedback is very important to and in determining the positioning and segmentation both forwards.

The most important thing you constantly thinking and trying; if not do “innovation”, at least the “renovation,” do without altogether so that the products and or services you exist and seem to stay fresh in the market.