Should the Annual Planning in Your Startup?

startup-signWith the end of 2013, it’s time to perform an annual ritual that is often done by the entrepreneur: planning. Why entrepreneurs like planning? Easy, because that’s an opportunity to dream about the future. Entrepreneurs like to draw up a plan and a strategy to achieve the next big thing that they have in mind.

Here are some ideas regarding the annual planning in your startup:

  • Make a Strategic Plan in one page and share it with the rest of the staff plan you have.
  • Prepare an annual budget with a focus on cash flow and cash expenditures.
  • Talk with loyal customers and prospective customers.
  • Evaluation again offering value proposition of your company. Is your customer purchased? What problems are you going to solve? What solutions you can choose?
  • Try a new market segmentation. Segmentation is performed in the market grouping. For example, if you normally think of the market based on the type of product, try next year with business canal or type of buyer. If you divide by region, split by size / scale enterprise buyers. Think of a new segmentation which gives a fresh perspective.
  • Look for a larger potential market for business development.