Some Function Shipping Label

Technology has helped make the shipping industry more modernized. Today, it is much easier to pay postage, arrange for goods to be picked up, and design personalized waterproof labels. When delivering a parcel or organizing for its pick up, put in mind that shipping labels are produced differently. Some shipping labels are just for informational purposes while others act as stamps.


Postage Characteristics

Most parcels that we pick from the mail box have shipping labels as well as stamps. However, some shipping labels can also be used as stamps. The labels are normally produced by the U.S. postal service. On the surface of a package sticker, you will see a bar code used for examining the parcel in the system and tiny words that read “postage paid” on the label. Without the bar code, the shipping label is just for informational purposes and a stamp should be somewhere on the package.

International Shipments

Before sending any package to international destinations, you will be required to fill out custom forms for the items contained in the package. The custom forms do not act as paid postage although they are attached directly to the package. Usually, the custom form is used as the shipping label since it contains the recipient’s address. However, you will still be required to pay for postage separately. The custom forms are coded and attached to the package before shipment. They are often attached on the upper right hand side of the package.

Return Labels

Many people do not understand the functions of return labels. Return shipments are often prepaid. A bar code and shipment label are normally used to indicate that postage has been cleared. However, you may be required to pay for postage to finalize the return shipping process.

Products and Services

You can easily print shipping labels and pay for postage from your computer using the USPS website desktop integration feature. This makes the whole shipping process easy and stress free. Your shipping label will be for informational purposes only if your package does not have the USPS bar code and the paid postage sticker. To be clear of any doubts, you can go with your shipping label to the nearest post office and inquire whether the postage has been paid. This will not only save your money but also prevent delays in your parcel delivery.