Strategy Creating a Business Plan that Attract Investors

marketing customersA business plan describes the business model, products, services, markets, strategies, and funding needs for new businesses or business change that is being done. The business plan is needed to push investors into the company. With the influx of investors into the company expected a business plan that has been created can be realized.

Certainly needed a special strategy to create a business plan attractive to investors. Here are some things that you can apply in preparing a business plan:

1. Define the product or service you are offering and how to overcome the challenges in the market. This will show the value in solving the challenges by identifying customer references and reference documents from the industry consultants or your internal research. By doing so, you will show investors how to put a product or service apart from the competition. In addition, determine the market for business for a period of five years. Explain how the market may change from time frame and how the business will respond to these changes.

2. Determine the business strategy and measures to execute the plan. The business plan should explain about potential partnerships, channel sales and sales process. Identify current competitors and the future and how they will react to the business in the market. Determine whether the business will need patent protection and the possibility of duplication of products or services. Describe the necessary funding round, plans an initial public offering and acquisition plans.

3. Make the income statement, multi-year. Include income projections, product development, sales and marketing, general and administrative gross income. Determine the initial funding you are seeking and how the initial funds will be used.

4. Identification of the company’s management and staff are needed. Summarizing major milestone to achieve business plans, including funding needs, objectives staff, sales goals, and major events such as the movement into new markets, acquisitions, and the next round of funding.

5. Write a business plan using all the necessary information and plan renewal business plan when needed.