Successful investing recipe for employees

Employees who prepare for retirement as early as possible will have a guarantee of a decent life if it is no longer active.


Employees should make use of the advantages which he had compared with peers who have their own businesses. Advantages include the existence of a steady income every month, money health and work performance bonuses. Of course it is easy for us to save and accumulate pension funds because the number could be considered early.

This can be done by regular investment. Salary set aside as much as 10 percent to 30 percent for investment, out to save and pay debts. This money should be prioritized as an obligation that must be paid first when getting salary.

Plan well and in the long term. Do not be easily tempted not offer reasonable investment with guaranteed huge profits in a short time, such as ponzi schemes, pyramid, and other money games. If you do not have special skills, are advised not to speculate through futures, currency speculation, commodity and exotic stocks, and so on