Successful Networking Tips

“It’s not what you know, but who you know.” According to the old adage, and it is true, that in business, personal relationships are usually more important than specialized knowledge. Actually, knowing the right people is the key to success – in the traditional understanding is more important is ‘to identify the right person’.

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So if there is a successful networking tips? Here are three important steps to make it happen:

1. Open all means of networking as much as you

This means taking part in any kind of social media, so you can maximize your connection. This means traveling to seek new markets, meet with prospective new customers and exchange ideas with local experts. This means back to your office and chatted with staff, friends and family. And means opening ourselves to meet in a relaxed when present in conferences, social events or public places. But this is only the exploration phase, building relations.

2. Build relationships. How do you maximize the opportunity for networking?

A successful networking should be able to relax and to persuade others to do the same. You can not do that if it is too determined to sell something, or win an argument. Either to become an open, but being a cunning or force impression will make people defensive. Respect the people, listen and give them a chance to express themselves. At the end, you can not pretend – you have to be honest open-minded, genuinely prepared to listen and learn. Be patient and opportunities will surely come your way.

3. Follow up

Giving someone your business card will not persuade them to follow up. If you have seen the business opportunity, this is the time you take the initiative. Remember what they are interested in, and send them an email. Offer them something. Invite them to an event. If in doubt, find out about them. Networking may be much more complicated than what was once, but essentially depends on personal interaction and all that flows from here – courtesy, respect and most importantly, you want it, trust. If you try not to approach personally, you just look for problems.