The 3 Pocket Media Folds that Make Branding Simple

Pocket media, thanks to its miniature size, can help a business easily get their information into the hands of potential customers. Through direct mail, take one boxes and even maps, the proportions of these branding communications are so convenient, they effortlessly fit in wallets, pockets and small purses. Available in three folds, including the z fold, all you need to do is pick the graphics, distribution method and text. Here are some fold highlights for your consideration.

media pocket z fold

The Z-Card Fold

This pocket media model resembles the foldable paper map. Available in credit card, mid and jumbo size, choose from 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 panels. Since the covers are made from sturdy material, they keep the rest of the media from getting damaged. The outer sleeves can double as pockets that hold cards of all kinds including business cards. Manufactured from recycled and certified materials, the personalization options are many and the costs affordable through digital printing.

The C Fold

The C Fold features an accordion style. Perfect for vouchers and banners, this fold is also produced from recycled and certified materials, and digital printing keeps its costs down, too. The hard outer covers protect the inside, so all you have to is decide what information you want to highlight on each panel. Also available in credit card, mid and jumbo size, choose from 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 panels, you can rest assured that your potential clients won’t throw these convenient promotional pieces in the trash can without at least glimpsing at what’s on the inside.

The K Fold

The K Fold is the double accordion style that includes optional tear-offs. If you’d like promote your company with a voucher or coupons, this design may benefit your business the most. This fold comes standard with hard covers and a variety of size and panel choices and is popular because you can measure the success of your campaign based on the number of offers that are subsequently redeemed.

There’s little doubt that any of one of these three folds will benefit your company’s branding campaigns in a positive manner. Their credit card size, especially, is not bulky and fits easily in a wallet or pocket, and since it’s convenient, your potential client is more likely to hang onto it reminding them of your company at an opportune time.