The Benefits of Using an Attorney After a Personal Injury

Absolutely no one wakes up in the morning thinking that they are going to be the victim of a personal injury. When these injuries happen, they drastically change the lives of the victims, often times for years to come.

personal injury

Some injuries happen when a person is at work. Thankfully, the law mandates that employer should have workers compensation insurance. This insurance is designed to cover the medical bills associated with the injuries a person receives while at work or while they are performing a task for their employer.

Unfortunately, it is in the best interest of insurance companies and employers to minimize the compensation they pay to an injured worker. They may even try to deny the claim. This is when a person has no choice but to speak to a workers compensation attorney. An Iowa lawyer who specializes in personal injury can help their clients with the appeal process and help them if the case needs to go to court.

Work related injuries can include things like repetitive stress injuries. These happen when an employee is required to perform a repetitive task in a way that puts unnecessary stress on their bodies. An example of a repetitive stress injury is carpal tunnel syndrome. Again, having a lawyer present when filing a personal injury claim or when appealing a denial is important. When the insurance company sees that the person filing the claim or filing the appeal has an attorney, they take the situation seriously. In most cases, they are willing to settle as opposed to having the situation draw out in court.

Some employees believe that they can negotiate for themselves with their employer or with their insurance company. Doing this puts them at a drastic disadvantage. From the second an injury happens, insurance companies have investigators looking at the scenario. Their goal is to find reasons why the injured individual is at fault for the accident and why their client is not.

Insurance companies have experience dealing with personal injury claims in court, they understand the law, they understand the filing process, and they understand the tricks that can be played to prevent a person from receiving the compensation that they are due. On their own, most workers do not have access to this information. If they attempt to appeal a denial of their claim, they either end up losing their appeal or they walk away settling for an amount that is drastically lower than what they are due.