The Best Reasons for Hiring an Answering Service

A new advertising campaign can help your business introduce new products or tell potential customers about upcoming sales at your company. When a new campaign comes out, it usually means a spike in business and a spike in telephone calls. If your company doesn’t have the personnel on hand to take every call that is made to them, then you could end up losing potential clients.

Telephone Answering Service

Telephone Answering Solutions

There are many ways that you can ensure that your telephone calls are answered promptly. You could temporarily hire more people when you are launching a new advertising campaign. Unfortunately, responses to campaigns can be unpredictable, making it difficult to know when to hire more employees and for how long.

You can allow your voicemail to handle calls that are unable to be answered, but many people detest talking to voicemail and hang up. They are more likely to call another company to buy what they need instead of waiting for someone at your business to return their call, even if they do leave a message. Many people think voicemail is too impersonal and it can leave a bad impression on potential clients.

Another solution is to hire an answering service to take your overflow messages. An answering service has well-trained personnel who will answer your calls in a professional manner and forward the messages back to you. You can prioritize your messages and have the most important ones sent to you via text messages. For less important calls, your messages can be delivered to you by email.

Cost Effective Solution

For temporary increases in phone calls, an answering service is the best solution for your business. Many companies can be hired on an as-needed basis, even if you only need their services for one day. They often offer daily rates for their services, which is much less expensive than hiring new personnel. However, you can also hire them more long term, such as on a monthly basis or more.

It is much less expensive to hire an answering service than it is to hire new personnel or start your own call centre for your business. You won’t have the responsibility of paying for insurance, building space or equipment when you contract with another company to take calls for you. Another advantage to hiring an answering service is that their employees are already trained and can start answering calls for your business right away.

Multiple Solutions for Businesses

While advertising campaigns will often result in an increase in telephone calls for your company, an answering service can be used for many other purposes. If you have employees on leave or vacation, the service can cover their telephones while they are gone. They can also help your business cover your telephones after hours so if your clients have emergencies, you can be made aware of them and respond quickly. An answering service will help you take calls in a timely manner and not miss important messages from your clients.