This is the Bloody Brilliant Talent India Now Leads World Top Technology Company

In the world of technology development, most certainly assume that topped the leadership of many technology companies are Westerners, in this case the American or European descent. I used to be like that, but slowly now talent from other parts of the world is beginning to show his strength even able to compete with the technological genius of the American nation or Europe.

CEO Google

One breeds offspring seems more glorious in the technology came from the southern peninsula of the Asian continent, namely India. Who would have thought a beautiful country famous for its Bollywood film industry also save very much potential in the world of technology. In fact, not responsibility, both those who have the original or a mixture of Indian blood with another descendant, able to occupy the highest position in some of the world’s top technology companies.

Who are they?

1. Sundar Pichai – Google CEO

Sundar Pichai keturanan could be called as a citizen of India’s most successful in the technology industry. How not, as we’ve discussed before he hot now ranks as Google CEO post for restructuring in the body of the giant company.
In a lot of news this figure is calculated, assessed as having the ability on average not only in technical terms related technology products but also in management. This is what causes the duo founders of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin did not hesitate handing these responsibilities on him.

2. Satya Nadella – Microsoft CEO

As a tandem in the competition people of Indian descent were most successful in the world of technology, the second name which appears is Satya Nadella. He now leads the company’s leading technology tools Microsoft is certainly not the ordinary person. Even in recent history there are two people to ever hold the position, and his two-two has a strong background with the beginning of the establishment of the company.

How to Nadella? He who has worked for 20 years at Microsoft actually move from elementary career to be able to reach its current position. The man who had held the position of vice president of Microsoft’s online division’s cloud computing service was finally appointed as CEO of Microsoft thanks to the success and the outstanding innovation of the Microsoft products and services.

3. Rashmi Sinha – Co-founder of SlideShare

As an inspiration for women, in fact, there are also women who managed to penetrate the tight Indian executives of technology companies in the United States. Rashmi Sinha that he is currently the co-founder of the online services company SlideShare. Companies that have an international network was successfully born from the cold hands of a Rashmi along with several colleagues. Even women with this pure Indian blood had entered the ranks of the most powerful women in the era of Web 2.0 version of Fast Company, 2008.

4. Shantanu Narayen – Adobe CEO

Successful people of Indian descent in the next technology industry is Shantanu Narayen. Men with a wealth of experience that began to enter the American technology industry as he continued his education at Bowling Green State University take a concentration in Computer Science. At that time he had already started developing Adobe company are popular with a variety of useful software.

Now he sits as President and CEO of Adobe which oversees all management processes, production, marketing and development of services Adobe. Before getting into the company Adobe, Narayen fact also been mengeyam careers in other top technology companies namely Apple and siliocn Graphics.

5. Padmasree Warrior – Motorola CTO

The very character of the name, born of a remarkable woman who has now become Chied Technology Officer (CTO) telecommunications equipment company Motorola. Padmasree who was born in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India is a very talented female figure.

Experience and their creativity in the field of communication technology that exceeds many people have now been let himself in such an important position. He had worked in the company Cisco Systems is even rumored to be the successor to Cisco CEO John Chambers.

6. Vinod Khosla – Founder of Sun Microsystems

The last name on the list is Vinod Khosla. Unlike most companies that enter into the status of employees, Khosla is precisely the founder or co-founder of a company in the field of programming assured Sun Microsystems. Thanks to the hard work and dedication, he managed to expand his business empire in the technology field, such as in high-speed optical network providers and telecommunications services Cerent.

When examined more deeply, of course we will still find many names of people of Indian descent who is now successful in the technology industry worldwide. The question is how citizens of India can progress very rapidly to be able to penetrate the global competition? The answer will be discussed in the next article. Stay tune.