This is the thing Desired By Investors

business partnerInvestors. The word is often called and searched existence by entrepreneurs, especially entrepreneurs or who are in the early stages of the stage. Many who know what it means but sometimes when given the opportunity to meet, do not know exactly what investors want.

Actually there are a few things you want to be seen by investors, especially professional investors :

1. It’s not about the business. It’s about WHO we are

Many entrepreneurs are at the start of the meet investors too eager to explain about his business, without preparing the executive team. However, the views of investors first is who we really are? Do we deserve to be funded? Like what his track record? However every business is about people business. Donald Trump once said that, “I never bet on business, i bet on people.”

TIPS: If we feel we have not enough track record to sell, find balance. Hire people who have a good track record or are looking for some experienced advisors who want to assist us in running the business.

2. Clear business model

The second most important thing is what kind of business model? In short, what the business flow of the process of selection of raw materials to finished products and to be in the hands of consumers, along with the allocation of costs and revenue projections. Here began talking technical, and we should be able to retain all the assumptions that we make in our business projections.

3. Is it scalable?

This becomes important because investors want to know how fast we offer business will flourish. Is this business can be duplicated in other areas or not? How fast is the process duplicate ? Estimate how long the business will evolve before reaching the mature period and then entered a phase of decline? This of course relates to the level of returns expected by investors.

4. Are there any exit strategy

Depending typical investor, an investor who has a buy and hold strategy, there is also a have strategy buy, build and sell. But any investor tips helps us provide an exit strategy options that they can take. There are several kinds of exit strategy that is often used, ranging from buy-back strategy, the second stage of investment, equity to loan capital, up to the IPO (Initial Public Offering). All depends on the type of investor who faced. On average professional investors have a time frame of 5-7 years, depending character business and negotiating with investors.

The above are some of the components that the appeal to the investor before investing. Many investors who did not heed the above, especially individual investors. But it’s good we are always ready on the above question because we never know when the opportunity came. All we can be sure is that we are ready whenever the opportunity arises.