Three Reasons Why Corporate Housing is Good for Business

Corporate housing is often essential in running a business. Whether you are bringing a new employee into town, have hired a consultant to work on a project or have to send an employee to another state to do some work, the employee or consultant will need a place to live. Hotels are an option, but can be expensive and are not always suitable for long-term stays, particularly for employees who have families.

corporate housing

One alternative to another hotel is corporate housing. These are fully furnished condominiums or townhouses that provide a homelike atmosphere to residents. Here are three reasons why using this option can be good for business:

Consultants and Employees on Temporary Assignments Get Right to Work

When you’re bringing consultants or an employees on a temporary assignment, you don’t want them spending the first few days or weeks searching for a short-term lease on an apartment or house. By providing comfortable corporate housing, these workers can get off the plane and walk into a fully furnished residence. The next morning, they’ll be at their desks and getting work done.

Corporate Housing Saves Money

One problem with business travel is that the cost of dining out can be exorbitant. In corporate housing, workers and contractors have full kitchens. They can buy their own food at the grocery store and prepare affordable meals whenever they wish.

Maintain Employee Loyalty

Whether you are transferring of an employee to a new location or sending him or her off on a long-term, but temporary assignment, your employee’s life is disrupted. While many workers understand that this is to be expected in the business world, when you make it easier on him or her by providing them with a homelike place to live, she or she will appreciate your consideration. This positive attitude helps ensure that your employee does good work, contributes to good morale and will be loyal to your company for years to come.

Finding Corporate Housing

There are many companies that specialize in providing short and long term housing for business people. For example, New Orleans corporate housing is available through companies like Blue Water. When it comes to evaluating corporate housing providers, it’s important to ask about things like costs, contract terms, and access to amenities. From there, you can negotiate a relationship with a housing provider.