To Stay Focus Work, Rest (or sleep for a moment)

workerssThe world-class competitors, from top athletes to the pianist, limiting their exercise routine part heaviest up only about 4 hours each day. The rest of the time there is just as important as exercise routines, namely to recovery mental and physical energy. Without a break, the human brain will be lethargic and weak, often characterized by difficulty concentrating, irritability, and fatigue beyond normal conditions.

At work, we often try to push the limits, even though there is no more energy left in us. To revive the spirit and energy, rest. Session pause in the middle of the day back to unleash the performance of the brain during the afternoon.

If you can not short nap, try meditation that promotes full awareness of the self and the mind. Get rid of other thoughts and focus on your breath away. Meditation can be used as an effective mental exercise. The focus of human attention like a human muscle to be strengthened if it continues to be trained regularly and in an appropriate manner.