Traits of Top Leaders in Human Resources

If you want to become an innovative human resources leader and maybe even start your own firm, like Jason Hanold of Hanold Associates LLC, it’s important that you either have or develop certain traits. A number of characteristics have been demonstrated to be effective in helping HR professionals make strides within the industry. In order to motivate employees, recruit hidden talent, create meaningful training programs or implement key retention programs, HR personnel must possess leadership qualities. Let’s examine some of the traits of top leaders in human resources.

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First and foremost, you must have a genuine passion for the industry and for people if you want to become a leader in the field of human resources. A true desire to find and develop talent will be the catalyst that pushes you to grow within the profession. You must truly love what you do.


With your passion, it’s imperative that you care about the people within your organization. Care and concern should guide your recruitment, policy development and general personnel relations. Caring leaders are respected and gain trust.


You have to be innovative and forward-thinking in this industry in order to stand out. Staying informed on the latest HR trends, as well as relevant practices outside the field, will help you to bring new ways of doing things to your business. Being an innovator will help you to build a name for yourself.

Problem Solving

Human resources is a field that requires you to constantly be on your toes. In order to become a leader, you must be able to find workable solutions to problems as they arise. When dealing with employee performance, pay issues, hiring practices, legal issues and the like, you must be able to find solutions that satisfy a number of stakeholders.


Because such sensitive matters exist within organizations, your leadership must always be guided by professional and personal ethics. You will be privy to employees’ private information and be responsible for decision making that affects people’s livelihoods. In order to gain the trust needed of a successful HR leader, your decisions will need to be guided by pure intentions.


Finally, it’s imperative that you maintain solid communication in order to become an effective human resources pro. Your position is one with great influence within an organization. In order to keep things running smoothly, you must not only develop strong policy and winning talent, you also need to be sure those policies are communicated to and understood by the talented employees in your company. When everyone is on the same page,organizations run smoothly.

These are some of the most important traits to have if you hope to become a leader within the human resources field. Focus on growing these qualities, and your success will also expand.