Understanding the Basics Calculation of Operating Profit

Before discussing this there is an explanation of the basic relations of cooperation must be understood. For example, you have a car and I use for rental, how many parts are ideal for owners and riders? Perhaps you think the distribution of 50 per cent for the owner, whether it be a fair division do you think?


What if the owner has 1,000 car? Means the distribution rights of riders 0.5 / 1,000 which is 00:05 per cent per rider, compared to the owners representing 50 percent of the part.

So the owner as the ruler of a capital gain of 50 percent because he has a cheap cost of money. Bank loans with interest of nine percent, which is 10 times lower than those who do not have the capital or collateral.

So here’s capital factors distinguish or discriminate against lower middle class than the upper class. This is the essence of injustice community first. It means that there is inequality of cost of money in favor of the owners of capital,

What about the other employees, are always divisions 0.05 percent? No. For example there are key personnel as art director, creative director, movie director, or for example the right broker is larger between 2-10 per cent of turnover.

Due to the large portion of them, so they hired a freelance system. Many professions example of this kind of retail management consultant, franchise management consultant and a variety of other professions.

Do you have to get big portions cooperation should freelance? No, depending on your industry. Some employee positions get big portions of 10 percent for example as a franchise manager, or a tenant relations, hotel sales manager, sales manager or event organizer, has a fairly large portion of the company depending on the type of industry.

Are all freelance obtain a large portion? Uncertain. Singers instance should get 70 percent of the income and the rights agent / management get 30 percent.

But many artists graduated from a talent search, for example, even upside gain of 30 percent. The rest is for the owner of talent management events. But this is far better than the average as employees.