Want a Successful Online Business? Choose the Right Office Address

Currently online sellers appear to look from a poor neighborhood and full of crime, the chances of success of the business will be lower. This is not mere speculation but it can be proven scientifically. Prospective buyers who saw the ad could be less interested, so says a team of researchers from New York University.

business office

According to researcher Max Besbris also a doctoral student at NYU, the ads show that the online seller is resident in a neighborhood of low income levels receive a lower response than an ad that showed that the online sellers stay in a more affluent neighborhood.

He stressed, “The sellers just play a vital role in the success of their business online as participants in other economic activity that would affect their ability to earn a living.”

Besbris stated that the reason why it could happen probably is “for buyers using the shelter to conclude race, economic status, level of confidence, reliability or type of parts salesman. There are many characteristics associated with individuals based on their place of residence “.