What should be considered in selecting wordpress themes?

Nowadays we can find so many choices template or wordpress theme either the free or paid. As of today there are 2,864 wordpress.org site theme options, not to mention from other websites such as CSS Author which offers 600 free themes and probably many more other websites. Meanwhile that offer a paid version also has a lot of, for example themeforest.com which provides 4,860 per day theme options. Many options are certainly not always good, have many choices can lead to “paralysis of analysis” and feeling overwhelmed, because the increased effort required to choose and also increased the level of uncertainty in making the right choice, aka confused to choose which one.

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In this article, I will share the experience of what I believe should be considered in selecting the theme, so you know exactly what to keep in mind the next time when you pick and choose the theme for the website to be built. There are 200+ responsive wordpress theme free.

To begin, let’s answer one of the questions most frequently asked questions: Is it worth paying for a WordPress theme, or you can simply use the free?

1. Price: Free vs. Paid Theme (Premium)

A few years ago, the price of the themes is the indicator of the quality of a theme. Free themes are often labeled not good code structure, and worse are used to capture sensitive data users. But times have changed, the developers of the WordPress community has created thousands of free themes that can be used with fairly good quality.

Thus, there is no convincing winner, paid theme is not always the best choice. Free and premium themes each has advantages and disadvantages which will be explained in detail below.

Excess Premium Theme

1. More updates

Perhaps the most compelling reasons for choosing premium premium theme theme is that in general more frequently updated. Given the rapid evolution of content management system (CMS) WordPress, it is important to have a theme that is regularly updated to patch a new security problem.

2. Less recognizable design

Using the free themes are certainly more likely that this theme is used by many websites. Not so with Premium Theme, which is much less likely to use other websites. Sure you do not want your web design exactly the same as another web instead?

3. Better documentation + Demo Content

Most Premium Theme provides documentation on how to use and modify the look in detail at the same time providing demo content that will be easier for us to understand how the theme that we use. While it is fairly rare free themes provide documentation and demo content.

4. Ongoing support

Premium Theme developers generally offer good technical support through public forums, live chat and email ticketing system. Free theme usually only provide support through public forums.

5. No attribution link

Lots of free theme requires us to display a link in the footer theme maker website. Meanwhile, if you are using Premium Theme, attribution links to your theme maker will not encounter, and you can change the link to suit your needs.

Disadvantages Premium theme

1. Price

To get Premium Theme, you have to invest in the range of USD $ 50 to USD $ 200.

2. Theme configuration (Configuration Theme)

Most Premium Theme has its own panel to configure the theme as needed. We must learn first how these themes and of course it takes time to learn.

3. Features that are not required

Most Premium Theme provides many features that are not necessarily we need, such as various mapun slider plugins for other plugins that will add to the long series dashboard menu on the left.

4. Responsiveness

Most research indicates that, on average, approximately 30% of all website visits today comes from mobile devices and tablets. Make sure the theme is selected responsive, meaning that can be accessed by both the mobile device without having to scrolling to the right and to the left. The way to test it is to see a demo of his appearance in a mobile device, or you reduce the size of the display in the browser to the mobile device.

5. As Needed & Tastes

Well .. this part that might be a bit difficult to explain, how to choose a theme that suits your needs. In principle, before you determine which one is chosen theme, of course you must know the purpose of the website which will be built and the type of websites such as whether to be built, if the website of a company profile? or non-profit website? or personal website? Next is the ability to imagine what the content of the website, especially in the front yard, which can be obtained from the results of research and discussion with the client.

After that talk tastes of the owner of the website, this can be circumvented by asking the owner / client what are examples of preferred websites and desired color shades, whether dark / dark or bright / light, bright color play / flashy or pastel .

After all the information collected, then you select the appropriate theme. Get Theme WordPress Responsive

Easily modified

This section is closely related to point number 3, choose the theme chosen is modified according to the needs and tastes. This can be analyzed from the panel menu theme, which in general will provide many features, for example to change the logo, favicon, background color, the composition of the front page and so on. How to find out can be obtained by reading the features of a given theme and see screenshot of the panel theme offered. Generally Premium Theme features the theme with a complete and clear.
Examples panel display theme

Examples panel display theme

In the end, the choice is yours. Choosing a theme will very depending on needs. Just a suggestion, for websites that are not too complex contents should use a free theme responsive, eg free theme called “responsive” or other themes that you can choose yourself on the website as well as other wordpress.org. Quickly, the theme might be better suited to the company’s website. Again this is just an example, just offer a way of thinking in selecting an appropriate theme for a website that will have you up.